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We are yourteam.exd
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.exd is thetalent ecosystem Of communication and of innovation, 
specialized in changing things.

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Let's build Terrific teams 
that make projects go round.

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A new organizational model, which offers serenity in exchange for quality.

For companies


Let's build the best talent team for that project that you've been putting off for some time, let's become an extension of your team, we immerse ourselves in your workflow and in your mentality, to move from design to reality and make the project executive quickly.

You've never worked like this before.

So how?

For freelancers

Needs work,
Not Jobs.

Entering the .exd ecosystem means living an experience that Value talent, Establishes relationships Of value and offers training and support in the difficulties of freelance life.

.exd is based on trust that A serene person is also a better talent.

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Our World

We want to make it look like the work Alla waistline of people, and not vice versa. We do it with pride, and we tell it on many occasions:

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Benefit company

We have a statute that describes our way of seeing things.

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A podcast much less boring than a call.

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Selected Works

The events that go into the freelancers' folders.

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Notes on the world that changes, as it happens.

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Now may be the time to change things.
Why don't we try it?
Do you want to give a boost to a product or service? Bringing that shelved project back to life? Do something new from scratch? 

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